Genre: Comedic light novel with illustrations.

Summary: High school student Lira Treviso has an interesting problem. She has a phobia of beautiful men. The type of man with clear smooth skin, silky hair, and a lean body. The type of man who could probably dress up as a woman and still be incredibly good-looking. The type of man who dresses well and wears the right cologne. The type of man who, she finds out, has just transferred into her class and is assigned to sit next to her. Now she must learn to survive or pass out trying. A quirky comedy with a culinary touch.



News & Updates

2015 April: Removed from Amazon.

2014 January 25: Self-published to Amazon Kindle!

2013 November 1: Illustrations finished and ready! (1 color cover, 8 black and white)

2013 August 10: Hired an illustrator.



I’ve never heard of VANDROPHOBIA…what is it?

It’s a comedic novel with romantic elements. Suited for middle to high school readers. I wrote this novel in 2008 and posted it to FictionPress where it proceeded to astound me with its popularity. Who knew I could be funny? (You’re probably thinking: I’ve met you. You’re not.)

What made you want to take this beyond FictionPress?

Well, a lot of readers commented or messaged me saying this story reminded them a lot of a manga. I put aside the book, though, and wrote other not-so-funny novels which I didn’t post to FP. But, always in the back in my mind I thought, What if?

Why did you hire an illustrator?

For sheer enjoyment! And the fans of the story also encouraged me. I couldn’t afford to transform VANDROPHOBIA into a manga, but when I discovered the concept of a Japanese light novel (Check out Ranobe Cafe’s post for a good definition), I thought this was the next best step. So when I had more spending money (ie, I graduated university and got a job), I decided to pursue this project further.

Why did you self-publish VANDROPHOBIA?

I consider this book a light novel and it doesn’t quite fit conventional industry standards based on the writing style. Also, I want to have more experience in self-publishing and I think there are pros to it—such as more control over the project.

Do you ever plan on traditionally publishing?

Yes, definitely! I plan on querying my other project GIRL WITH THE BROKEN SKIN to agents. I feel this book has much more potential and is better suited for traditional publishing.

Will you remove VANDROPHOBIA from Fictionpress now that it’s also up on Amazon?

Nope. Not unless I absolutely have to. I want the story to remain free to read.