Projects: A Complete List

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  • 2 books.
  • Dark fantasy exploring the topic of skin, including eczema and psoriasis.
  • Follows 16-year old protagonist (Asha) as she travels through multiple lands to help reunite a king’s split spirit, which has taken the form of a child. She teams up with a group, including a Fleyt man (whose facial features can move in any direction on his face), and a Reet woman (whose facial features are as unemotive as stone). As she journeys, she realizes her broken skin  may be her greatest strength that will help save her home and the rest of the lands from the Tearers (humanoid creatures with metal beaks). Take the adventure from L. Frank Baum’s WIZARD OF OZ meets the imagery of Guillermo Del Toro’s film PAN’S LABYRINTH.




  • 2 of 3 books completed
  • Dark psychological fantasy exploring the theme of beauty and meaning in a perfumery.
  • Follows 5 characters, the main protagonist being Adele, a mid-20s French woman who is a perfumer at the famed Hommes de Fragrance. When she suffers from a huge public and professional embarrassment, she leaves the perfumery, only to find out that the perfumery is not done with her. When she returns 150 years later, she learns the fate of her colleagues, including one of them entering the horrible transformation to a Faceless creature. Adele must come to terms with herself and others, while trying to survive inside a perfumery that is a sentient building and determined to stay alive at all costs.



  • 1 book, open for more.
  • Slightly absurd light novel.
  • High school student Lira Treviso has a phobia of beautiful men. The type of man with clear smooth skin, silky hair, and a lean body. The type of man who could probably dress up as a woman and still be incredibly good-looking. The type of man who dresses well and wears the right cologne. The type of man who, she finds out, has just transferred into her class and is assigned to sit next to her. Now she must learn to survive or pass out trying. A quirky comedy with a culinary touch.
  • Self-published to ebook with professional illustrations. [Removed from Amazon April 2015.]
  • Meta fiction about stock characters. Where do you learn to become the best possible hero, emo teen, or the sarcastic but lovable sidekick? At the Stock Character Academy, of course. A story with multiple POVs and plenty of meta references.


CECILIA SVETLANA (short story ): A blind gymnast competes. 2,000 words. Published to Verdad Magazine Fall 2009 issue. Psuedonym: L.S. Wing

VANDROPHOBIA (novel): Self-published January 2014 to Amazon. More information at top.

SHELVED & COMPLETED (might revisit one day)

long forms

YOUR GUARDIAN (novel 2007): Fantasy about a demon-slaying heroine who falls in love with a prince, betrothed to someone else.

AMORA (novellete 2009): Story about a stalker who ends up dating her victim, until he finds all her pictures.

selected short forms

A PASTORAL SYMPHONY (short story 2010): Following the 4 movements of Beethoven’s 6th symphony, story of a boy who must cut down a parasitic tree in his mother’s backyard.

THE HEALTH SPA (short story 2010): Alternating POVs between a detective and his suspect and a man who wakes up in a labyrinth…set up by cannibals.

THE VISIT (short story 2010): A strange story where a girl visits a friend in university, only to end in shooting her ex-boyfriend…but nothing is what it seems.

IN OUR NICEST CLOTHES (short story 2010): About the strength of a friendship between a boy and girl, where education and aspiration threaten to pull them apart. Dump digging also involved.

HALF TRUTHS (short story 2010): Boy dates a girl who is a compulsive liar, and when he attempts to help her, she instead unravels.

THE VEIL (short story 2010): Fantasy coming-of-age story about how adolescents automatically “veil” (become invisible) when in stress or undesired situation.

FACES: A TALE (short story 2010): Fantasy love story about a man whose facial features can move and a woman’s whose facial features cannot move at all, including showing expression. Note: This story inspired the Reet and Fleyt nations for ASHA (see top of page).

FAWN (short story 2010): Horror story about a woman who runs over a fawn.

STARLESS (short story 2010): Sci-fi story about Andromeda colliding with the Milky Way.

AVANI (short story 2011): Story about the attraction of a tutor and under-aged student, ultimately leading to the demise of the tutor.

SCHISM (short story 2014): Explores the schism of being older and meeting an object that elicits memories so strong that the past overlaps too strongly with the present.

GLASS ELEVATOR (short story 2014): Fantasy story about a woman who changes her apartment into a jungle.

JOHN (flash fiction 2011): Story about limerence and how the object of limerent longing changes over time.

APPLE (flash fiction 2010): Tense story of a mother and daughter in a kitchen, includes a knife, an apple, and lots of silence.

THE MINOR KEYS OF MOTIVES (flash fiction 2010): Explores the dynamic of why people help other people. In this case, moving a piano.