Genre: Dark fantasy exploring the topic of skin.

Number of Books : 2

Description: Follows 16-year old protagonist (Asha) as she travels through multiple lands to help reunite a king’s split spirit, which has taken the form of a child. She teams up with a group, including a Fleyt man (whose facial features can move in any direction on his face), and a Reet woman (whose facial features are as unemotive as stone). As she journeys, she realizes her broken skin  may be her greatest strength that will help save her home and the rest of the lands from the Tearers (humanoid creatures with metal beaks). Take the adventure from L. Frank Baum’s WIZARD OF OZ meets the imagery of Guillermo Del Toro’s film PAN’S LABYRINTH.


November 28 2013: Finished 1st draft at 151,000 words.

January 2014: Received CP’s edits and comments.

Jan-Aug 2014: Plot and revamp whole story. Split into 2 books. Change POV. Remove/add characters. Etc.

August 2014 – September 2015: Rewrote Book 1. (Draft 2)

Oct 2015 – August 2016: Revised Book 1. (Draft 3) Focused on fleshing out the “architecture” of the story.

September 2016 – Currently: Trimming Book 1. (Draft 4) Aiming to cut 70-80k words with a goal word count of 120-130k.