I write speculative fiction, comedy, and, sometimes, contemporary fiction. I’d also like to write some nonfiction one day. For now, though, I’m a day-job deserter working to build a creative career.

When I’m not writing I’m that person touching everything. I like to cook, bake, craft, or just use my fingers to eat. I’m also the kind of person who needs left-brain balancing acts like reading about human biology or playing with excel sheets. Oh, and I also like lifting weights and swinging on bars. And french fries. So many french fries.

And because I was an Art History major, here’s one of my favorite paintings:


Hans Hoffman – Heraldic Call (1965)



  • Authors I admire include: Karen Russell, Lev Grossman, Milan Kundera, Richard Yates, and Vladimir Nabokov.
  • I’m red/green colorblind and often mix up my blues and purples.
  • If we go out to eat, I’ll most likely request sashimi or barbecue.
  • I love reading nonfiction as much as I do fiction.
  • Beethoven is my favorite composer.
  • I have a thing for animated films and TV shows.
  • Bad habits include: Forgetting to bring my phone with me when I go out; Planning ahead too much.
  • My secret power is the ability to sleep for 16+ hours without a bathroom break.
  • Other interests: memorizing people’s birthdays, sitcoms, documentaries, film, architecture, NPR Morning Edition, podcasts (MindPump, Ben Greenfield, Hidden Brain, How I Built This), calisthenics, weightlifting, food (cooking, science, farming), social sciences, space, and typography.